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I recall when Wasabi first opened its doors, I was so excited to have the convenience of hibachi dining options downtown. My absolute favorite hibachi place in all of Mississippi is not in Jackson, so imagine my pure joy to welcome Wasabi Bistro to the Jackson food scene. After the construction downtown commenced, it took a toll on businesses downtown and Wasabi was no exception. As such, they downsized their staff to accommodate those growing pains and now offer hibachi from the kitchen. One day during a lunch visit I decided to order from the sushi menu instead, disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy the excitement of having an open flame warm my face and watching my food freshly prepared before my hungry eyes. There’s something about getting that plate full of hot rice with the egg still sizzling.

It was toward the summer when I tried the lobster roll for the first time and oh my goodness what a treat. It was topped with mango, kiwi, and avocado. It was cool, crisp, fresh, and sweet. It was my first taste of Sushi Summer Heaven and I didn’t want to return. Since that time. I’ve always gone to Wasabi Bistro downtown for my sushi fix. It’s convenient (yes, there’s convenience downtown) and it is in close proximity to my home. During my most recent visit, I gave the hibachi lunch a spin, ordering the scallops and shrimp combination. It just wasn’t the same as the experience I’ve come to know and appreciate when I enjoy hibachi prepared meals. But, fret not, because what I’m about to share will make you forget all about hibachi!

In addition to the hibachi, I ordered two of Chef Ethan’s New Creations, the Cool Lobster Roll and the Filet Mignon Roll. Yes, you read that right – filet mignon on a sushi roll. Not just any sushi roll, it’s marinated, and minced filet nestled and flame-seared on top of a snow crab roll with scallions, roe, and special sauce.

The Cool Lobster comes with crispy fried sweet lobster, cucumber, and topped with snow crab and mango during the season, and avocado at other times. These are colossal rolls, measuring in anywhere from 10-12 pieces apiece. When determining good sushi from great sushi, it comes down to the quality, freshness, and combination of ingredients. Wasabi has quality ingredients, with sushi-grade fish shipped in directly from Hawaii and seafood from the Atlantic Bay. The combinations are exciting, unique, colorful, and flavorful thanks to the imagination and extraordinary skills of Sushi Chef Ethan.

If you want great sushi in Jackson, we’re lucky to have some great places. There are three that immediately come to mind: Edo Japanese Restaurant, Sakura Bana, and then there’s Wasabi. You can’t go wrong with either of the three, but there’s only one place you can find that filet mignon roll, and it’s worth the trip whether you’re near or far.

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