The Notorious No. 7 Burger at Lou’s Full-Serv

No. 7 Burger at Lou’s Full-Serv!

It’s no secret that Lou’s Full-Serv takes no culinary prisoners when it comes to exceptional taste and quality of food. From the bacon-wrapped meatloaf to the perfectly bronzed redfish, delectable desserts, and creative Saturday Sundae features, owner Louis Larose has something for every palate. So, when word of the No. 7 Burger spread across foodie circles, it was time to give it a run for its weight.

Weighing in at nearly a pound of beefy goodness (okay, maybe a pound is a slight exaggeration, but this thing is a tower!), the No. 7 comes with Lou’s signature candied bacon, caramelized red onions, grilled green tomato, smoked tomato-bacon aioli oozing down the sides, topped with melted provolone, and served on a house-made bun buttered to absolute divinity. The servers are great at setting expectations with this burger. It’s absolutely fantastic, but burger perfection like that cannot be rushed. You’re looking at a minimum 25 minute wait when ordering the No. 7, as each burger is cooked to order, starting with its hand-pressed patty.

This is a burger you cut in half so that you don’t appear to be a complete glutton, however, it never survives the ride home to your fridge. Often, it  doesn’t stand a chance in your first sitting. The patty is perfectly seasoned and cooked with just the right amount of moisture. It comes medium, so if a little pink isn’t your style, be sure to tell your server before ordering. The green tomatoes bring a balance of acidity for the flavor profile of the burger, with a hint of sour taste to compliment the sweet and savory notes of the candied bacon and the caramelized onions. Taken together with the house bun drizzled with what tastes of sweet buttercream, this burger easily earns its notoriety among top burgers in the city. Ladies this is NOT the thing to order if you’re on a first date. Done right, this burger is best enjoyed with zero inhibitions and no napkins. You’re almost certain to indulge in every morsel and there will be no residue left when you eat the notorious No. 7 burger from Lou’s Full-Serv.

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