On a Roll: Sushi in JXN

by Susan Marquez

While it is a part of Japanese culinary tradition, sushi has become a popular dish in the South. It’s not going to replace fried chicken or cornbread, but the number of places that serve sushi in Jackson has increased in recent years.

Sushi refers to foods that use a specific type of rice seasoned with vinegar and garnished with raw fish or vegetables (but it’s not always “raw fish”).

Most all sushi restaurants have menus with both photos and descriptions of the sushi they prepare. There are universal sushi options such as California rolls and Dynamite rolls. Many restaurants also prepare unique sushi creations.


Bonsai Japanese Steakhouse – 1925 Lakeland Drive
Bonsai Japanese Steakhouse serves traditional hibachi offerings, as well as fresh-made sushi. In business over 20 years, the restaurant’s sushi chefs are also proud to serve the newest and latest sushi trends. Choose between several fresh fish options from yellowfin tuna to squid or even octopus. Bonsai is your ticket to exploring your new favorite sushi.

EDO Japanese Cuisine  5834 Ridgewood Road, Suite C
For traditional Japanese sushi, visit EDO Japanese Cuisine. This smaller restaurant is ultra-casual and a great place to stop for a quick, fresh lunch on warm days. You can sit at the bar and watch the talented sushi chefs create the various offerings, including your order!

Tokyo Express

Tokyo Express  5050 I-55
This restaurant lets you design your roll. It’s explained that all Tokyo Express menu items are merely suggestions, as you can combine your meats, vegetables and toppings to create a roll made just for you. However, if you’d prefer to choose from menu items, there’s no shortage of options. The Crawfish roll consists of boiled crawfish, spicy mayo, crab meat and spicy mayo—perfect for crawfish season.

Sakura Bana  4800 I-55 North
This sushi stop has an extensive menu full of options for every taste. Items range from a simple California roll made with cucumber, crab and avocado, to the Jackson roll, made with eel, crab and cucumber, with avocado on the outside. One of the featured sushi dishes at Sakura Bana is the Carolina Roll. It features shrimp tempura, cream cheese and cucumber on the inside, with tuna, avocado and spicy crab garnish on the outside.


Thailicious – 3000 Old Canton Road
Sushi isn’t limited to Japanese restaurants. The newly opened Thailicious serves an extensive menu of Thai favorites, along with several selections of sushi. Thailicious has two rolls exclusive to the restaurant, including the Diablo roll, made extra spicy with smoked salmon, shrimp tempura, cream cheese and cucumber, topped with crab stick, jalapeno, spicy mayo and sriracha.

Among classic and specialty selections such as California, Dragon or Rainbow rolls, Thailicious also has fried rolls. Yes, the whole sushi roll is deep-fried and then topped with finishing sauces and garnish.

Thai Time – 1405 Old Square Road
This sister restaurant of Thailicious has a stronger focus on sushi. Similar to Thailicious, Thai Time carries classic rolls, special rolls and fried rolls. The fried Mississippi Roll contains salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno, avocado and cucumber on the inside, spicy mayo, eel sauce and sesame seeds on top—a Southern spin on a traditional dish.

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