Anything other than Traditional: Steve’s Deli

Jackson has some pretty amazing local delis, each with their own signature offerings, but few push the culinary envelope like Steve’s Downtown. Whether it is their plate lunches, sandwich specials, quiches, pizza, or signature soups, Steve’s sets the bar for this foodie. Their lunch and sandwich specials are updated daily, and the lunch crowd is constant and steady any day of the week.

Steve’s has a traditional counter service with self-serve beverages and chips. If sweets are your thing, there’s an enticing case full of fresh baked cookies Once you enter the building you know you’ve stepped into an oasis of art, culture, music, and good food. There’s a mural along the wall that meets the assortment of record jackets and framed 45’s from a variety of musical eras.  The day’s specials are written on the larger than life chalk menu board, and they read like a culinary adventure you’d find any place other than a traditional deli.

During this visit, I was drawn to the day’s special – The Choctaw Sandwich. This simple, yet flavorful mashup is a local favorite judging by the steady influx of customers who ordered the same thing. The sandwich consists of a lightly toasted hoagie with smoked chicken topped with white barbeque sauce and pepper jack cheese. Three simple ingredients with no frills and each bite is packed with smoky, sweet, savory flavor with just a hint of heat. This is one hoagie you want to pair with some napkins, or if you’re like me, prepare to lick your fingers – a ton.  It is served on wax paper which makes it convenient to wrap what you may want to save for later. To compliment my sandwich, I went with a side of homemade tomato bisque and some kettle-cooked BBQ chips. The bisque was smooth and very well-seasoned and made for a fascinating pair to my sandwich; I found myself dipping into it. The entire meal was savory and sweet, the service was fast and friendly, and Steve’s Deli is hip and artsy.

I look forward to checking them out for my lunchtime catering needs in the future. I overheard great things about their quiche, and I will most definitely be back to try their plate lunches. There’s something about cantaloupe salsa that has my palate tingling.

Until next time, eat well and stay well!

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Carlyn Hicks

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