Best Kept Lunch Buffet Secret: Spice Avenue

A buffet-filled lunch plate at Spice Avenue.

We are fortunate to have a growing variety of authentic cuisine from around the world, right here in Jackson, Mississippi.

Spice Avenue is one of my favorites for a flavorful worldwide foodie experience.

The exterior of the restaurant is a bit understated, but once you step out of your car, the robust spices hit your nose in a salivating way.

Open for lunch and dinner, Spice Avenue remains consistently good. For the best value, the lunch buffet can hardly be beaten. While the selections are more limited than the full dinner menu, you can get a great variety for close to $12 at lunch. During dinner, items are a la carte, so it can get pricey.

On this occasion, I treated some colleagues to lunch and to my surprise, neither of them had any knowledge Spice Avenue was a restaurant. They remarked at how often they passed the building, assuming it was an Indian Spice shop of sorts. They were floored by what they discovered once we entered the restaurant. The buffet was well-stocked with everything from butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, goat vindaloo, tandoori chicken, and several savory vegetarian options to choose from. One of my favorites being a blend of cauliflower, peas, and potatoes in a curry reduction.

Where does one start in attempted to explain the various flavors? That is, without salivating at my desktop at this very moment.

The tandoori chicken is one of my favorites, prepared in a lemon juice and yogurt marinade with a host of spices and grilled on an open flame. On the buffet line, this item goes fast. But don’t fret, they restock on a rolling basis.

We asked for some naan to go with our meal, and it arrived fresh and at no additional charge.

Each meal is served with water chilled in a copper mule, unless you request a fountain beverage. If you’re wanting something sweet and refreshing, you can request some Mango Lassi, which is a delicious mango yogurt drink to give balance to the kick of the spice in some of the dishes.

Arguably one of my personal favorite buffets,  Spice Avenue is an aromatic culinary adventure filled with robust and savory flavor right here in the heart of Jackson.

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