Southern Classic: The Trio Salad at Old Capitol Inn

The Old Capitol Inn trio salad

Old Capitol Inn happens to be one of my favorite lunch spots downtown if I’m looking for variety to fit any set of taste buds during a lunch meeting or a casual meet-up with friends.

Whether you’re looking for a burger, redfish platter, fried chicken or lasagna, the Sunroom at Old Capitol Inn has you covered.

I’ve dined at the Old Capitol Inn several times and I’ve ordered almost everything on the menu – almost. The wait staff is all familiar with me and my love for their tropical mango sweet tea. Admittedly, as many times as I have visited this place, the one dish I’ve always overlooked is the classic trio salad.

On many occasions, I have seen this dish and wondered to myself, “Who comes to a restaurant to order something they really can make at home?” After all, the trio consists of fruit salad, chicken salad and broccoli salad.

One day my curiosity got the best of me, and instead of my go-to redfish dish or seafood lasagna, I decided to check out the trio.

Starting with the part that gave me no surprises, the fruit salad was your standard fruit salad with melon, pineapple, grapes, etc. It was clear as I continued my way around the plate that this was intended to be a sweet compliment to the rest of the dish and nothing more. The chicken salad was better than something I could make at home. It had the right amount of crunch with the nuts and bursts of sweetness in every bite with the grapes, contrasted by the smoky and smooth shredded chicken. At this point in my dining experience, I felt some remorse for having prejudged and skipped over this dish on the menu so many times.

Next, I tried the broccoli salad and I was so pleasantly surprised with it that I finished it all before returning to the chicken salad. Broccoli salad is a potluck favorite among many and most times, I skip it if I can help it. Yet, again, my prejudgments were proven wrong. Between the bacon’s salty and savory notes and the sweetness married with just enough vinegar to give it balance, along with slightly blanched broccoli spears, I’m sad I had not ordered this classic trio sooner. In fact, take my southern foodie card, for I have failed my taste buds for neglecting them in all the years I have eaten at Old Capitol Inn.

The trio salad is the perfect lunch option for those of us who want a healthier, lighter dish without sacrificing southern tradition or flavor.

The trio salad brings all things southern together for a refreshingly light and tasty lunch. This is not your mama’s chicken salad or your coworker’s potluck broccoli salad, y’all. Get there soon and try it out for yourselves. You will not regret it.

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