Move Over Duck Commander: The Manship’s Duck Wings Reign Supreme

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It is no secret that The Manship in Jackson’s Belhaven neighborhood is one of my favorite restaurants in Mississippi.

Their confit duck wings are my absolute favorite appetizer. So much so, I can tell you the exact week they changed the dish’s garnishments from orange zest with a slice of orange to fresh parsley and lime.

Even more so, on the one occasion they had run out of duck wings for the night, I experienced heartache no foodie girl should ever have to bear. I left the restaurant in complete despair, despite an entire selection of equally delicious appetizers available such as the crab cake beignets, pimento cheese and smoked tuna dip.

One might wonder when this duck love affair began.

If I’m honest, it was the first time I saw them on the menu that I knew we’d have something special. Those duck wings had to be mine, and there would be no exceptions. They had me at confit.

Duck cooked in duck fat? Yes, please!

I have become quite the fan of this appetizer and I find myself ordering it every time I dine at The Manship in a routine and almost ritualistic fashion.

The appetizer comes in two sizes, a small order consisting of three wings and a large order consisting of five wings. If I’m dining with a friend, I order the large. If I’m dining by myself, I order the large. Yes, you read that right: no matter the crew size, I am getting a large order of those wings for myself. If I’m feeling generous, I will order a second for the table to share.

The confit duck wings are crispy on the outside and incredibly moist on the inside and flavorful. If you’re familiar with duck, you know it is one of the most succulent poultry meats around with rich and robust flavor.

The method of preparation, with the duck being slowly cooked in its own fats, brings out the poultry’s natural flavors and ensures its moist and tender consistency without compromising the crispy duck skin. Glazed with a maple sauce and garnished with citrus for balance, this dish comes together nicely and opens your dining experience in true flavor fashion every time.

The Manship is located at 1200 North State Street in the Belhaven building.

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