Blue Ribbon Dessert: Lou’s Full-Serv

If there is any dessert in Jackson that deserves a blue ribbon at the state fair, it would be the warm blueberry cake cobbler at Lou’s Full-Serv.

The Mississippi State Fair just came and went.

The air was filled with sweet aromas of funnel cakes, homemade biscuits and deep-fried desserts.

Many foodies rushed downtown with delight at the choices that vendors were frying and serving.

But, if there is any dessert in Jackson that deserves a blue ribbon at the state fair, it would be the warm blueberry cake cobbler at Lou’s Full-Serv.

While you can find them a stone’s throw from the fairgrounds six days a week, every week, their desserts are no circus acts.

Well known for their creativity with their scrumptiously Instagrammable #SaturdaySundae dessert feature, Lou’s has desserts on point. Each sweet treat is priced at $10, with everything from the cookie “sandwich” to the “junk drawer” brownie.

I recently tried the junk drawer and it was everything I could imagine I’d want in my junk food snack drawer, mashed into a tower of fudge and topped with whipped cream. While that dessert knocked my sweet tooth out of my mouth and my socks off my feet, the warm blueberry cake cobbler remains my blue-ribbon winner.

One of the things I love about Lou’s Full-Serv is that most everything is made in-house, whether it is the bun on the Chic-Fil-Lou or the ice cream on top of the cobbler. This dessert has fresh blueberries baked into the most perfectly moist “cake” square I’ve ever had. It is topped with buttermilk ice cream made fresh, in house, from dairy cows in Philadelphia, Mississippi. How do I know?

Because I’ve heard it described by the servers every time I visit and order one for a friend or colleague who has not had the luxury of trying it yet. If you dine with me at Lou’s Full-Serv and you’ve never had it, we do not leave until you do. Nowadays, I save the servers the time and I start the description for my unsuspecting lunch or dinner guest, myself.  (Hey Jason! Hey Brandi! Hey Kayla!)

It is outrageously decadent and insanely good. The buttermilk ice cream balances the sweet cake base and blueberries perfectly and compliments the entire bite quite well.

To bring the entire dish together, it’s topped with a vanilla sauce and dusted with confectioners’ sugar. Who needs fair desserts when you’ve got this, daily? It is undeniably one of my favorite desserts in this city and I’ve had my fair share it. Sometimes, I make a special dessert trip just-for-this-dessert. I sit at my favorite table after the lunch rush has subdued and I indulge without guilt (it has fruit, right?)

If you’ve never experienced happiness and sweet wonder in a dish, you’ve never had the warm blueberry cake cobbler at Lou’s Full-Serv… and we need to change that soon!

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