The Butt Stops in JXN: Hickory Pit

Jackson has no shortage of barbecue spots, with varieties ranging from smokehouse styled establishments to country time blue plate specials to gas station barbecue joints. Although we aren’t Memphis or North Carolina, we have lots of options in our city for various levels of barbecue goodness. When on a quest for good ole home style barbecue and homemade sides, a foodie knows to trek across Jackson and make their way to locally owned and operated Hickory Pit.

This establishment has won a few awards in her day, and rightly so. The meats are prepared with care, brined, and smoked onsite. Though not much of a secret, the brining in the key to why the meats are always tender and literally falling off the bone. The sides and desserts? Made from scratch. You won’t find the grocery store’s potato salad and baked beans at this place. When you approach the counter, you can’t help but notice the dessert case. Don’t leave without trying their Hershey Pie, you will regret it if you do.

If you’re looking for a no frills, down home barbecue dining experience, Hickory Pit is your place. Their pulled pork sandwich is a very popular dish you just can’t pass up. This day, I got mine between two pieces of garlicky Texas toast and topped with sweet barbecue sauce. The pork is well prepared, slow cooked, tender, and flavorful. Topped with coleslaw, this dish was meaty, crunchy, buttery goodness.

I also tried the ribs and pulled pork nachos for good measure. The ribs fell off the bone in some of the cleanest separation I’ve seen in some time. The smoke rings were so perfect, I didn’t want to cover them in sauce. The rib plate comes with two sides of your choice and a slice of garlicky Texas toast. By the time I ate my way to the pulled pork nachos, I struggled to appreciate the dish as much as I had the classic pulled pork sandwich, ribs, tangy baked beans and hand blended potato salad. I’ll have to try them another time when there aren’t competing dishes.

They say they have “the best butt in town” and I’d have to agree. Hickory Pit is the standard bearer in what no frills barbecue should be, and how pulled pork sandwiches are meant to be.


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Carlyn Hicks

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