Fine & Dandy Announces Brunch Collab With Chef Enrika Williams


Fine & Dandy, the modern American restaurant at the District at Eastover, has announced a forthcoming Sunday brunch collaboration with local Chef Enrika Williams.

Brunch service will begin “after Thanksgiving” according to a Facebook post began in early December 2020.

“Chef Enrika is a natural fit for such a partnership,” Fine & Dandy said. “Her creativity, commitment to our community, and tongue in cheek humor make Chef Enrika a perfect fit for an F&D collaboration. Plus, her food is killer.”

Fine & Dandy said, with Chef Enrika Williams (who many will know from Fauna Foodworks, once located at Cultivation Food Hall) the restaurant hopes to create a brunch for Jackson that becomes a Sunday tradition.

Over the coming weeks, the restaurant will be posting menu teasers

“As we do our part to define Jackson’s cuisine, we believe Erika is foundational to Jackson’s creative culture and community. Many restaurants and chefs in Jackson need your support during this challenging time—without them, deciding on where to strengthen your relationships with friends and family while we social distance becomes difficult. As restaurants in this community, our job is to provide the backdrop for you to have your first date, build memories with your family, or close a business deal. But every once in a while, we do a bit more and contribute to culture. We believe Chef Enrika Williams is meant to do just that.”

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Paul Wolf

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