Hard to Beat Breakfast: Brent’s Drugs

Locals and travelers alike seek out Brent’s Drugs for a taste of old-time diner nostalgia and hand-spun shakes. The greatness doesn’t stop there. For some of the best breakfast, Jackson has to offer, make your way to Brent’s Drugs. The menu is simple, with no frills and lots of good eats. For local foodies, this is the spot to go for home-style buttermilk pancakes, outstanding omelets, and simply good breakfast sandwiches like grandma used to make.

In addition to breakfast, this diner serves lunch and dinner. With school underway, parents should know that children eat free on Friday’s from 5-8! Free food makes family dinner outings all that more enticing. Children get to color artwork to hang in the window of the diner, and there’s a designated play area in the restaurant for children to burn off the extra energy they have from those delicious shakes.

Here are some things you should know about breakfast, it is served from 7-11 during the week and from 8-5 on Saturdays. So, if you’re having a lazy Saturday like me most weekends, this is the place to go.

This past Saturday I was no place other than Brent’s Drugs. I was in the mood for great pancakes, so the buttermilk pancakes and bacon came as an easy choice. The buttermilk pancake order comes with your choice of bacon or sausage and some maple syrup. My daughter went with the breakfast melt, which consists of an egg fried your way, bacon, and a slice of cheese nestled between two pieces of Texas toast. The pancakes were hand poured, from scratch, fluffy, and crisp on the edges as I prefer them. The bacon was thin and crispy, fried to perfection. The orange juice, unlike typical orange juice, had a surprising frothiness to it that I enjoyed.

All in all, when I walk through those doors, time stops, and tummies get happy for breakfast at Brent’s Drugs nearly every weekend. The menu is simple. It’s just plain ole good food with no frills, and lots of froth. I hope to see you guys there for breakfast one Saturday soon!

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