Where Southern Meets Modern: Barrelhouse

Barrelhouse is a self-described Southern Gastropub located in the center of the historic Fondren District. Fairly new to the restaurant scene, this unique space has an equally unique menu with locally sourced, eclectically inspired small plates, large plates, unique meatballs and delicious salads.

The restaurant has ample indoor and outdoor dining options available. Once I arrived, I was greeted promptly by the hostess. I chose to sit on the patio to pause for a moment to reflect on the growth and redevelopment happening in Fondren – Barrel House being its most recent flagship.

The menu is a simple one pager, with dishes resembling anything but simple. For starters I couldn’t resist the State Street Sausage Platter, which came with locally sourced Country Pleasin’ sausage, Tillamook Cheddar, pickles, house BBQ sauce, and a delicious praline mustard sauce. It came with saltines, pork rinds, and bread. I could literally drink that praline mustard sauce by itself. It did not disappoint.

As for my main dish, I went with the popular sweet potato hash. This dish came with savory sweet potatoes roasted to perfection and topped with well-seasoned pulled pork, drizzled with house BBQ sauce. On top, a bobkat egg, slightly over medium. This was a favorite of my server, Cierra, who also shared it was the most popular dish – and rightfully so. Though I wouldn’t have thought about such a combination, this dish looked amazing and tasted heavenly.

Cierra was an exceptional server who was very attentive to my table and to whom I owe the satisfaction of an excellent first meal. If the sweet potato hash is pretty routine, the bar has been set. I can’t wait to see what else the chef has in store.








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