Walker’s Drive-In: Where Lunch and Dinner Reign Supreme in Fondren

When most people think of fine dining restaurants in Jackson with fine dining price points, they think of Walker’s Drive-In. But, did you know Walker’s has daily lunch specials at very affordable price points each week? For $11, you can get the day’s special with your choice of two sides and a drink. In Jackson, $10-13 for highquality food, excellent service, and local dining is a huge bargain. Additionally, there’s another great way to get some dinner favorites you may reserve for special occasions such as anniversaries or professional milestones. For instance, during lunch, you can get Walker’s signature Redfish Anna dish for $21, a savings of $12 if you’re willing to trade a slight portion difference and red skin mashed potatoes instead of the garlic mash.


On this day, I went with just that for lunch and ordered of my favorite dishes there – the Redfish Anna with Lump Crabmeat. It comes with mashed potatoes, sautéed green beans, and pan-seared redfish topped with crabmeat and lovingly drizzled in tomato lemon butter sauce. The redfish dish is always consistently good, with the fish bringing a slightly sweet taste to the dish overall, and the butter sauce pulling it in a delicious medley along with the richness of the potatoes. The lump crab meat on top is a bonus, bringing more sweet hues to the dish. Let me add; they are not bashful with the amount of crab meat they pile on, either. There are a few of my places in Jackson where the Redfish dishes are exceptional, ranked very highly among them, and even supreme in Fondren – is Walker’s Drive-In. There’s something about that sauce, y’all.


As if a delectable lunch entrée wasn’t enough, I even treated myself to an order of fried green tomatoes topped with crawfish and that same butter sauce. I-can’t-get-enough-of-that-stuff. The sauce is not prominent in flavor, but it gives just the right indulgence to the dish, no matter on what it is poured. The crawfish had a slight kick to them, and the green tomatoes were fried almost as my daddy makes them. If you know my daddy, there are many things he does extremely well: greens, fried okra, and fried green tomatoes being at the top 5 of that lists. (Hey Daddy! Carl McGee, that’s who). I may need to bring my dad by Walker’s one day soon so that he can try them for himself. I guarantee he won’t be disappointed, and neither will any of you. Let’s eat well, and Walker’s is the place we can certainly do that.


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