Sneaky Beans: More Than a Funky Fondren Cup of Joe

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The Restaurant: Sneaky Beans is the ultimate laid back coffee house, with all the charm of Jackson creatives and the funkiness of Fondren. It has patio seating available for outdoor reading, dining, and the occasional live music performance. Often used as a study and meeting space for many, Sneaky Beans offers different scenery and vibes in each room. Don’t expect much in the way of extravagant decor, however. This eclectic place goes for comfort, coziness, and excellent coffee – in addition to very relaxed and home-like seating in each of its rooms. What a cute little place!

The coffeehouse has counter service with some of the hippest baristas you will find in Fondren. Sneaky Beans has light snacks on its menu from time to time, but they are best known for their hand brewed coffee and espresso beverages. On Saturdays you can catch a pretty neat breakfast at Sneaky Beans, with biscuits made from scratch and hand pressed sausages to gourmet cheese grits, omelets, and specialty quiches. When you order food, they will deliver your food to your chosen lounge area. Don’t expect an elaborate presentation, folks. Their specialty is in the coffee pot, not the fine china, so you will get your food on paper plates, which was perfectly fine for me.

  1. The Food: I thought I would start my visit with the signature Sneaker, made with whole milk. Reminiscent of a snickers bar, this wonderful concoction has some of the best brewed coffee blended with chocolate syrup, hazelnut flavoring, and caramel sauce. From what I’m told, my beverage of choice was relatively traditional. If so, I look forward to checking out many other jazzy cups of java soon.

Now, I heard about the wonderful biscuits at Sneaky Beans and decided to give their breakfast a try. Be forewarned, breakfast is only offered on Saturday mornings, with fresh baked pastries available during the week. Needless to say, I woke up this past Saturday with one goal in mind, getting to Sneaky Beans and giving those biscuits a run. I ordered the cheese grits, sausage biscuit, and a slice of bacon and egg quiche. The sausage is hand pressed, which is good. However, it was a tad bit charred for my tastes.

I decided to sidestep the sausage patty for the remaining biscuit. The biscuit was like something out of my grandmother’s kitchen. The jelly and jam is self-serve in a very simplistic set up, scoring more points for this homey spot. The cheese grits? These are not your mama’s cheese grits. Well, maybe they could be…because they were nothing short of creamy, garlicky, cheesy warmth and goodness. The quiche was pretty tasty, although it was not pretty. But, substance is what matters most, right foodie friends? Overall, it was a win. Next Saturday morning, you may find me there with a good book, a cup of great coffee, and some of those creamy cheese grits.

Carlyn Hicks

Carlyn Hicks, founder of Jackson Foodies, lover of all things culinary, pro-Jackson advocate

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