Jackson Foodies Featured Dish: All Curled Up about Feta at Keifer’s Restaurant

I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie creature of habit, sans a couple of places and a couple of specialty menu items – like the curly fries at Keifer’s Restaurant downtown. Whenever I dine in or get take out, I must have those curly fries. This time, I wanted a lighter lunch because I had another dinner meeting later that day. Getting out of my usual habit of ordering that day’s special (usually the bacon cheeseburger or mushroom swiss burger with curly fries and a drink) I went for a Pita Mozz instead.

What exactly is a Pita Mozz you wonder? It’s pita flat bread topped with mozzarella and grilled down to some warm Mediterranean goodness. I’ve seen folks order them before and wondered how something so simple could be so popular and filling. But, then I discovered you could add gyro meat and onions to a Pita Mozz! Game on. Set match. Now we were talking flavorful and filling lunch alternatives to my usual menu choices.

Some habits are hard to break, though. This girl had to have those curly fries to go with that Pita Mozz loaded with carved rotisserie styled lamb meat, add onions. Save the ketchup and hand me the feta dressing instead. I’ve been dipping my curly fries in that feta dressing for years and I won’t eat them any other way. If you order the Pita Mozz, it comes with a side of feta dressing for dipping. What better way to have the best of both worlds? Double win for this Downtown foodie.

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Carlyn Hicks

Carlyn Hicks, founder of Jackson Foodies, lover of all things culinary, pro-Jackson advocate