Jackson Foodies Dish of the Week: Pies, Pies, and More Pies!

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February was National Pie month and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to set out for some delicious pie in the city. We have some really delicious bakeries in Jackson who also offer some exceptional pie offerings from time to time. But, it was a real treat to be able to visit Buttermilk Sky Pie, a new pie shop franchise here in Jackson started by two incredible folks who bring their family recipes together to create decadent pie deliciousness. Based in Nashville, Buttermilk Sky Pies has all the makings of southern sweetness.
When I arrived, I felt like I walked into Julia Child’s kitchen. I could see staff hard at work making pie crusts from scratch, with flour flying and ovens glowing. The place smelled and looked amazing.

There’s a beautiful display case with an assortment of fresh baked goodness waiting on you. Not sure which flavor you may like? There are samples!
I’d heard all the rave about the Granny Smith apple pie, and of course it was sold out. So, I chose 4 of the personal sized pies to try: Chocolate Meringue, I-40, Chocolate Chess, and the Cherry Pie. My pies came boxed beautifully and were accompanied by a wooden spoon. I dug in.
The chocolate meringue was a cool pie, with a rich chocolate pudding filling and homemade meringue topping. It was rich and very smooth. The I-40 was a party of food textures and sweet treats, with pecans, chocolate chips, and coconut. This thing had the kitchen sink in it, and let me just say – a kitchen sink dish never tasted so good. The cherry pie had a beautiful latticed pie crust topping and a sweet, tart fresh fruit filling. The flavor of the month for February, this one was quite popular. Of the four pies, the chocolate chess pie was probably my favorite. It reminded me of my grandmother’s chess pie, with a velvety chocolate twist.
If you’re in the market for some freshly baked treats with personal sized pie variety like no other, Buttermilk Sky Pie is your go-to-spot.

Carlyn Hicks

Carlyn Hicks, founder of Jackson Foodies, lover of all things culinary, pro-Jackson advocate