Jackson Foodies Dish of the Week: Chicken and Grits

Roosters chicken and grits

As a southerner, I’ve had my fair share of grits, and various food combinations including grits. Of course we are all familiar with shrimp and grits, or even fish and grits. Never had I ever had chicken and grits, and certainly not presented in this fashion. I’ve been to Rooster’s several times for their burgers and plate specials. But for some reason, I’ve never tried the chicken and grits. Admittedly, it is something I’ve glossed over, shamefully so. When I heard there was such a thing that I HAD to try, I made my way to Fondren in record speed to investigate. Today, I regret not having it sooner! To my friends who knew the savory home style goodness that awaited and often escaped me, I dedicate this review to you.

First things, first. If you’ve got foodie friends who keep these sorts of delicious secrets from you, get better friends. It is simply unfair to deny yourself the indulgence of this dish. It starts with a boneless chicken breast fried to golden perfection, laid on top of smooth and creamy grits and smothered with a tomato gravy and onions combination only your grandmother could pull off. This is something that starts from a base made with southern love. Every bite was a taste of nostalgia and memories of tomatoes stewing in a huge cast iron skillet at my grandparents’ place. It’s comfort food, it’s good food, it’s something I regret I hadn’t had 10 times over already.

New Deep South Traditional

It’s an absolute must have from here on out and a dish I will tell everyone to try on their first visit – their third – and even their thirtieth. Don’t be like me, don’t deny yourself another day. Head to Rooster’s if you are looking for a spin on the deep south’s traditional smothered chicken and tomato gravy covering another southern favorite – grits. It’s a combination that will be in my dining rotation for a while.

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