Jackson Foodies Featured Dish: Not Your Momma’s Meatloaf

A meatloaf recipe can divide the best of foodies. Is it best with brown gravy or red sauce? Ketchup or no ketchup? When you have foodies intent on their preferences, it’s akin to the great Mississippi rivalry: Ole Miss vs Mississippi State. Yes, for those who love meatloaf, it is just that serious. So, it’s no surprise that this week we had a hard time deciding when we set out to find some great meatloaf in the city.

I settled upon Lou’s Full-Serv, one of my absolute favorite restaurants. On Wednesdays you can get the meatloaf daily special which comes with butter beans, whipped potatoes topped with a house glaze, a side salad, and tea for $12.

The meatloaf comes wrapped in bacon with a sweet/savory consistency. It compliments the heartiness of the meatloaf, which is moist and well-seasoned throughout. The dish is topped with a house-made sauce of the BBQ variety, with extra dashes of worcestershire sauce to give the perfect balance of acidity to the dish.

The butter beans and whipped potatoes made the dish complete and comforting, as we southerners like our meals. Now, about that made-from-scratch garlic bread? I could have eaten a pan of it with the meatloaf and made a meatloaf sandwich of epically delicious proportions. Speaking of which, I hear there’s a meatloaf patty melt at Lou’s begging me to try it, too.

When searching for great meatloaf in Jackson, Lou’s special is hard to beat in quality, taste, and price point combined.

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Carlyn Hicks

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