Drago’s: Where the Charbroiled Oyster is King

Any oyster connoisseur knows oysters are always in season, despite the old adage that you should only eat them during months that end in “r”. Giving context to that advice, during the times where cooling systems and refrigerators were nonexistent, it would make one an upset tummy to eat spoiled oysters during the summer. But, fret not, technology has advanced since the 1500’s and we can enjoy them year round. Now, just a tidbit about summer oysters. You may notice they are a bit smaller or thinner during the summer months, but they taste just as great.

There’s no better place to enjoy them charbroiled other than Drago’s (dragosjackson.com). With a simple list of ingredients, these oysters pack on the flavor and the palate pleasure. Drago’s charbroiled oysters come garnished with oregano, parsley, fresh lemon to add zest and New Orleans style French bread for pinching. The oysters aren’t just tossed on an open fire and brought to your plate. They are based with Drago’s signature charbroiling sauce from the founder’s 20 year recipe and topped with garlic butter sauce and a blend of grated Parmesan and Romano cheeses. The oysters are charbroiled on the half shell on an open flame at the oyster bar, with views of the flames and fresh oysters being shucked on site, grilled to order. .

The chargrilled oysters come in half a dozen or a dozen. Don’t tease yourself with just six of these delectable molluscs, go all in or go home. It’s just that simple, and they are just that good. For any foodie looking for the best place to get chargrilled oysters in Jackson, Drago’s Chargrilled Oyster is king.

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