Summer Year ‘Round: Deep South Pops Beer Float

Pair a pop – any pop – with a brew – can, bottle or draft – then dip for a unique treat at Deep South Pops.

Deep South Pops is a favorite among children and grownups alike.

With a revolving menu of handcrafted popsicles made from locally sourced fruits or dairy, Deep South Pops puts the “gourmet” in these cool treats in two Jackson locations, across from Millsaps College and in Highland Village’s courtyard.

We all know popsicles are traditionally a favorite of the summer, but Mississippians know there’s a difference in a “Mississippi Summer” and other summers.

As an ode to the “last weekend of Summer” (according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac), I decided to swing by Deep South Pops over Labor Day to give a toast to what we know will be an extended season for Mississippi deep into September.

Deep South has two types of pops.
If you want something dairy-based, they’ve got an entire list of flavors to choose from. If you want something with no dairy, there’s an equally delicious list of flavors, too. Availability changes daily, so be sure to check the board before making your selection.

I was intrigued by the option of making my popsicle a pop float, which consists of your choice of pop combined with either a soda or beer. Since I was at the location with the “cool kids” from college and I’d heard much about the Pop Beer Floats, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Disclaimer: I am not a beer connoisseur so I was slightly out of my element when trying to pair a good beer with my pop flavor choice.

But a Pop Beer Float I was destined to make!
I selected the Blackberry Limeade for my pop and thought I’d pair it with the Lemon & Ginger Radler from Karbach Brewing Co. As I inquired about the different beers available on tap, I decided to go with something local from Southern Prohibition Brewing in Hattiesburg. When the beer came, it had lots of foam and I hesitated to dip my pop in it without first tasting and savoring the flavors of the blackberry limeade solo.

And so I went: after one bite, there was another, and another and another. Before long, I was standing at the counter with what had been a pop – and was now a stick –alongside a lonely glass of beer. I couldn’t imagine dunking that sweet and tangy goodness in anything, not even soda. Amused by my conundrum, the kind lady at the counter decided to only charge me for the pop, and not the pop float. In some ways, this was a foodie fail. After all, I set out to try a Pop Beer Float. In other ways, I think it’s safe to say there’s power in the pop, and once you take a bite (or pop), you just can’t stop.

Try Deep South Pops for gourmet popsicles, coffee, beer and pastries all year long. The shop offers catering for special events or parties.

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