Chimneyville BBQ: Comfortable Surroundings for Comfort Food

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If you’re looking for the coolest location for a smokehouse restaurant, Chimneyville Smokehouse probably has it. The building, across from the Mississippi State Fairgrounds, used to be the old train depot, and it still retains a lot of its rustic charm and ambiance. Chimneyville’s checkered tablecloths, framed vinyl records, and old Jackson memorabilia fit the space so well one could easily assume the restaurant had always been in this location.

Great food and comfortable decor (photo by Meghan Garner)

Surprisingly, that’s not the case. Chimneyville actually got its start over 20 years ago as a humble 12×40 trailer with a single serving window and a few outdoor folding tables. While they’ve seamlessly adapted to their upgraded location, they’ve kept in touch with their roots: their mobile smoker and grill are popular accessories for parties and gatherings all over the Jackson area.

It’s not hard to see why Chimneyville has fans for both dine-in and catering; their menu offers a full range of southern classics that invokes memories of childhood summer cookouts and tailgate parties.

The full southern menu is offered buffet style in the restaurant, making it almost impossible to resist adding an extra side dish and a serving of one of their famous desserts.

But don’t worry; you won’t be the only one lingering after a large meal. One major advantage Chimneyville’s current location has over their old trailer is a surplus of comfortable seating. Groups of happy diners laughing and chatting over the remnants of dessert are a common sight, and the friendly staff is often happy to join in with a joke or two. The general atmosphere is really more like that of a county fair, where no one is in a hurry and everyone’s loading up on seconds.

Chimneyville made good use of the old train depot’s layout by converting the back section into a drive-thru, so if you really can’t spare the time for a sit-down meal you can still get a fix of homestyle cooking.

But we encourage you to take some friends and eat in—the friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes the food taste even better.

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