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When it’s cold outside, and you need a little pick-me-up, nothing beats a nice cup of hot coffee. Or, if you’re into frozen drinks, a Frappuccino or cold brew might be more your style. No matter what your favorite is, there are several coffee shops in the capital city for you to visit and find your favorite drink at each one. Here are some of our favorites.

The Urban Sip
Located on Farish Street in downtown Jackson, Urban Sip serves up delicious classic coffee, espresso, and iced coffee. Their specialty drinks include Amazing Grace, Mississippi Mud, Caramel Macchiato, and several more. Relax in the cozy environment of the Urban Sip and enjoy your cold brew and homemade cinnamon rolls, all while giving back to the community. One thing that makes Urban Sip unique compared to any other coffee shop is that it’s a part of We Will Go Ministries. When you purchase a frappe or espresso or snack from Urban Sip, you’re doing so much more than enjoying an afternoon cup of Joe. Each purchase plays a part in restoring someone’s life, feeding someone who might not have had the means to their food, or clothing someone who needs a new pair of pants. The proceeds for each cup of coffee is poured right back into We Will Go and their mission of serving Jackson. Visit the Urban Sip Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 806 N Farish Street.

Sneaky Beans
Located in the heart of Fondren, Sneaky Beans prides themselves in everything being locally sourced. The coffee, the milk, the pastries, even the art, furniture, and live music is all local. Not only is it just a place to grab a coffee and go, but on any given day, you’re sure to find local college students inside studying or groups of friends just hanging out at a favorite gathering spot. Sneaky Beans also has a generous selection of craft and domestic beers, so there’s something for everyone at this local coffee house. If you’re into live music from local musicians, be sure to check their Facebook page for information on performances throughout the year. Next time you’re in the Fondren neighborhood and need an afternoon coffee or just a place to hang out with friends, visit Sneaky Beans at 2914 N State Street.

Cups Fondren
Another Fondren favorite, Cups is located just next to Fondren Public and is home to everyone’s favorite specialty drink: the Blondie Latte. Caramel and white Ghirardelli chocolate combined with espresso and milk, the Blondie is served hot or frozen and has been a favorite of Cups lovers since day one. Other menu items include the Capitol Street Latte, which is caramel combined with espresso and milk, the Brunette Latte, iced coffee, café au lait, several espresso options, and loose-leaf tea options. Cups also makes another great study spot for local college students. The quaint environment is perfect for studying for finals or just hanging out with a few friends after a long day. Visit Cups at their Fondren location right next to Fondren Public, their Lakeland location at 1855 Lakeland Drive in Jackson, or the downtown location at 210 E Capitol Street in Jackson.

Deep South Pops
Known for their fun and delicious popsicles, Deep South Pops also serves up locally roasted coffee and their very own Deep South Cold Brew Blend. With locations in Highland Village and on State Street, both sites are perfect to stop in and grab a snack and a cup of coffee for an afternoon treat or dessert.  

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